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The Hilarious, All-Improvised Web Series
about Casting, Paying, and Playing.

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“The Infinite Need” Poster!

30th November 2013 By Ben Hauck

There are times in a person’s life when he or she participates in an award-winning web series, and then there are times after those times when said web series gains a poster for promoting it seriesness.

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“The Infinite Need” Wins Big at the 2012 iNeed Awards with 17 Top Prizes!

31st December 2012 By Ben Hauck

The 2012 iNeed Awards were announced today, and our little web series The Infinite Need swept the contest with 17 victories!

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Fan Submissions Now Open for The Streamy Awards and YOU Can Nominate “The Infinite Need”!

8th October 2012 By Ben Hauck

All it takes is about 20 seconds using our nifty widget to nominate The Infinite Need and any of its hilarious actors, writers, et al., for a coveted Streamy Award!

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