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What’s Being Said about The Infinite Need!


Viewer Reviews

“Just watched the end of Infinite Need.  Very satisfying!”

“I had NO idea about The Infinite Need – I watched the first two and had to hold off on the rest because I was legitimately disturbed.  That’s a compliment.  You and your partner both did fantastic work and truly nauseated me because there’s nothing more uncomfortable than those two people being trapped in that room.  And I’ve been in that very room (16R, is it?).  What’s worse – I’ve gone in and done great work, and these creatures still behave in the exact manner you showcase.  Terrible-to-tremendous, they’re there for a check, and the only thing worse than watching others fall into that trap is being one of them yourself.”

“Oh my! This is hilariously painful and painfully hilarious. Brilliant. Brilliant.”

“Fun! … I really liked the web series. Funny with heart.”

“Now I’m hooked. I want to know what happens next week.”

“Awesome!  and … a little depressing.  Ugh, the things people get away with in our business!!  But great great great!”

“… I’ll say what I said about the first episode of Girls–it was so close to home that it put a lump in my throat. I think it’s excellent … and also something I have been through way too many times.”

“You have an easy audience with this one. Anyone who enjoys The Office or any other workplace comedy will love this. And actors. The actor jokes really hit close to home.”

“I’m almost through all of the videos. They are hysterical!!!!!!!!!  I was impressed with the improv of both actors. Could this be developed into a full feature?”

“Just checked out The Infinite Need!  Hilarious! I love ‘Paired scene with Casting Director’–you are hysterical, can’t wait to talk about this!”

“Excellent & realistic portrait of the casting director.  Very believable and funny too!  I shared with my friends!”

“Mandy!!!  Ah, you make me laugh. I hope being an actor isn’t really as awkward as this. Poor Bette!!!”

“Classic, Ben!  These should go viral or at least be shown to all casting directors and potential actors.  Poor Bette!  I hope to meet her some day.  You’re awesome as that unfortunately all too common CD!”

“This is GREAT!”


“Pretty hilarious!”

“Well done!!!! I can’t wait to see more.”

“It is pretty damn funny! What a cool project and concept.”

“Love it!!! Glurb Glurb!!!”

“OHMYGOD  SO FUNNY!  … Hilarious! … On the serious side, this business makes me sick.  I literally got nauseous from the way she was being treated.”

“Ohmygod. This is so good that it makes me sick to my stomach.    It’s funny, but also so true to life that it makes me ill how actors get used.  What a sick business.”

“I watched a few episodes of The Infinite Need, and I know that I love it but its also a little bit tragic and sad.  I guess maybe if you’ve never been in that situation it would be a little more funny, but as someone who has definitely done those casting ‘classes’ it hits a little close to home.  You and the other actress are brilliant and her performance is weighing heavily on my heart while you are pretty much perfect as that casting director.  And the improvisation is kind of exactly what we were talking about … Neither of you are trying to be funny but you are both amazing and completely hit the nail on the head.”


“Your webseries got quite a few out loud laughs from me, which is saying something!”

“You guys play it so real–to the point where I feel discouraged.  Ben plays that fast talking, ‘I don’t really care’ casting director very well. I like [Mandy] in the second one when [she’s] like, ‘we met before at the workshop–the short one–it was about 7 min.’  The way [she] delivered that whole [line] was like ‘you stupid motherfucker, you know exactly who I am’–Lolololol.”

“Excellent & realistic portrait of the casting director.  Very believable and funny too! I shared with my friends!”

“I just watched your third episode and laughed many times out loud. It was hilarious … I think you both should get an Oscar for your performances. Super Dooper!!!!”

“I’ve just caught up with your web series today and I love it.  But it scares me to in a way!  🙂  Is that really how those sessions are?  I feel so bad for Bette.  I’m waiting for her to lose it. ”

“I’m waiting for when she punches him in the kidney.”